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The outdoor camera is water proof and has a x metre long cable.

I ran it from the house, out an ajar window and it worked fine even in the rain.

You can press a button and take a photo and record video remotely if you catch your bunny doing something cute (or naughty).

But, you can also set it to record automatically using door sensors, sound or motion as the trigger.

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Then I set it to record for one minute seconds each time it detected motion.It would be handy too if you had a group of bunnies, because you could easily check who was using the tray which is tricky to monitor when they share.Anyway, I set up one camera on Scamp’s litter tray and one covering the rest of the kitchen (where he lives when he’s not out and about).I know many bunny owners have quite well kitted out sheds so you might have power installed anyway.It can be up to 300m from the hub and still connect so you just need power near where you want it.

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